Sunday School

Beulah offers a Sunday School class for people of all ages whether married or single for a time of fellowship and Bible study. 

Below are the names of the classes with a brief description:

Esther Class - Women ages 60 and up

A small class that focuses on Jesus Christ. 


Dorcas - Adult Female
Study God's word and strive to be like Dorcas, a christian woman known for her good works and charitable deeds. This class has a heart for helping and ministering to the sick and homebound. Lead by Pam Woodruff and Judy Thomas.

Pairs and Spares - For Couples and Singles
To study the word and reach out to the communty when there is a need. Lead by Ronald Harris, Annis Pulley and Linda Blackley.

Senior Youth - Ages 13 - 18
Interactive class of teenagers working to develop future leaders for Christ and deal with the day to day trials facing our teens with a Bible focus. Lead by Ralph Wall and Karen Best.

Junior Youth - Ages 8 to 12
To enhance the understanding of Bible passages through reading, discussion & activities lead by Renee Piner.